Frequently Asked Questions


What is a host site?
A host site would be a hospice or hospital floor that wants to share OneWashcloth gift bags/washcloths (or their own - it doesn't have the be the ones we make - we just make gift bags with washcloths to help capture people's imagination - any washcloth will do!) with families after a death. Some host sites have just ordered the gift tags (that explain/prompt families to use the cloth to care for their loved one's body after death), and used their own cloths. 

What research has One Washcloth done/been involved with?
Research - so far we've done a literature review, re. current research that evidences the psycho/social/spiritual value of physical contact with a loved one after death, but would love to further that project to include a qualitative study that would gather families' lived experiences of hands-on caring for a loved one after death.  We don't have the person-power for this, yet.

How are you spreading the word about One Washcloth's mission?
Education - people have done presentations for professional and community groups about the value of hands-on care after death.

Are the gift sets free?
We have given a number of gift sets away (OneWashcloth is just 3 RNs who have totally funded everything personally and done it all as volunteers), but are trying to recoup some of our costs.  That's why we have the option of making a donation/ordering gift sets on our website.
So you're welcome to order a gift set or two, to share as you'd like, with family or friends or more professionally.  And if you want to hook up with a larger organization who might want to be a "host site," we can talk more about how to fund a larger number of gift sets, or just gift tags, or whatever! :)


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