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Welcome to One Washcloth

One Washcloth

Welcome to One Washcloth


Thank you for your interest in the One Washcloth Project


One Washcloth hopes to facilitate involvement in the healing act of care for a loved one after death, by encouraging the gift of a washcloth to family and friends following a death at home, hospice, or in hospital.

A washcloth can be offered to bereaved family and friends at the bedside, as an invitation to take part in washing the body of their loved one immediately after death.

This physical and intimate act of care creates a positive, tangible connection to the person who has died, and helps bridge the gap between life and death, by nurturing a continuing bond.

With the simple tool of one washcloth, loved ones become intimately involved in a meaningful, final act of love and care, and begin a healthy grief process.​

One Washcloth is a charitable initiative, currently serving the USA and Canada.


Our Mission


One Washcloth hopes to facilitate healing in loss, by supporting individuals, communities, and institutions to engage family members in the care of a loved one directly after death, through the simple gift of a washcloth.
Our larger vision includes hope for healing in our society as a whole, in these final acts of love and care, as we come to accept death as an important, honored part of life.

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